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Client Scytale ltd.
Type Security compliance
Platform Web platform
Scytale dashboard UI design


Scytale is the global leader in SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance automation, helping security-conscious SaaS companies get compliant and stay compliant. Their SOC 2 and ISO 27001 experts offer personalized guidance to streamline compliance, enabling faster growth and boosting customer trust.

Scytale dashboard UI design audits screen

The Challenge

The product comes to solve a big pain in the security compliance process which usually is very complex, boring, frustrating, time-consuming, and entails collaborations with different teams in the company. Organizations, usually don’t know how to do security compliance by themselves. The standard process involves a precious time of executives, a lack of expertise in compliance, unidentified non-compliance issues that cause time wasted, and delays in delivery for closing sales contracts.

The Solution

Designing a web-based app that allows onboarding of new organizations to the security compliance process softly, while using automation compliance by integrating cloud services to the platform, added by Gap Analysis and Remediation to allow quick and easy completion of the auditing process. We created the core of their SaaS product, by defining the features and functionalities, creating the UX concept, prototypes, and the UI design, guided by their branding.

Scytale dashboard UI design audits screen criteriaScytale dashboard UI design audits screen controls
Scytale dashboard UI designScytale dashboard UI design login screen

Design System

A crucial part of our work was creating Scytale's design system. As a baseline, we created their digital visual guidelines, including typography, color palette, UI components, and an additional specs, for easy implementation and as a great starting point to design their upcoming features and functionalities internally.

Scytale design system

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