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Client iFact Technologies ltd.
Type FinTech
Platform Web-based platform, Mobile
bizibox fintech mobile app and dashboard ux ui


Bizibox helps business owners to take control of expenses and revenues using a secure, simple, and efficient tool. Their friendly and professional platform helps thousands of business owners, big and small, to consolidate all of the business’s financial data in one place, analyze them, and receive tips and information through their BI technology capabilities.

bizibox fintech dashboard ux ui

The Challenge

Designing a finance business management platform to improve the experience of SMBs owners who want to manage their data in one single place because they value the ability to do that in a platform that gives them insights and tips to optimize their financial behavior, so they can make the right decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises on their bank statement.

The Solution

We created a simple and intuitive UX, so every business owner can easily track their business’s financials and view reliable, professional information. The interface is easy-to-use and even for users that aren't technical savvy. The process included a full UX process, branding, the user interface visual design of the platform, a hybrid mobile app both for Android and iOS, the company's marketing website, and more.

bizibox fintech dashboard ux uibizibox fintech mobile app ux ui
bizibox fintech dashboard ux uibizibox fintech mobile app
bizibox fintech mobile app ux ui


Bizibox is used by thousands of businesses in Israel and gained great feedback from its users and massive recognition in the local industry. Here are a few recommendations from the users:

"What I like most about the bizibox is the fact that it's easy to use and its convenience of retrieving all the data I need financially now and in the future..."

"Great cash flow management software! Friendly and self-explanatory (even for those who understand less). Highly recommend!"

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