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Client Emporus ltd.
Type FinTech, AI
Platform Web platform


Emporus is creating an investment decision analytics platform powered by deep learning that helps investors develop and execute successful strategies. Their technology helps make sense of the data overflow in the financial market, reduce risk and make better-informed investment decisions, make the Deep Learning AI capabilities accessible to all organization types, and create an effective data analysis to reduce investors' expensive resources.


The Challenge

Stock market investors usually trust their gut feeling, especially since it’s not a 100% forecast. Emporus's challenge was to overcome some potential customers' reluctance to trust an AI machine as a tool that supports or overcomes their gut feeling, find and implement analysis that is meaningful and useful, get a wide view of what is needed and how to improve their business choices tomorrow.

The Solution

We invested more than one year to build the platform with Emporus's team. We used their extensive market experience and our skills to create a platform for analysts and a marketable tool for managers. We completed, planned, and designed over 10 different sections, shaped their platform, crafted a new design system, and created a trustworthy tool for professionals.

Marketing Website

We were entrusted with developing a brand new website for Emporus. The website is intended for potential investors and potential customers. The main concept was to emphasize a big vision around very advanced deep learning AI that doesn't exist in the market, and to position Emporus as the first to bring this kind of deep tech mainstream in the professional investing world.


"We were able to bring a viable product to customers that were interested in signing up"

"Rikover & Co.'s team successfully delivered a viable product to attract potential customers. Rikover & Co.'s team was timely, communicative via virtual meetings, and punctual with deadlines. The client also praised the team's work quality."

Nadav Eitan
Nadav E.
lCo-Founder, Emporus Technologies

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