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Rail Vision

Client Rail Vision
Type Railroad Equipment Manufacturing
Platform Software


Rail Vision provides the railway industry with advanced vision sensor technology using engineering, big data, and AI. Rail Vision's real-time monitoring and analysis detect potential issues proactively, minimizing downtime and optimizing maintenance planning. Their solutions prioritize safety, reliability, and uninterrupted service for optimal resource utilization. Rail Vision's technology minimizes disruptions in railway operations by proactively detecting and managing risks, enabling swift responses to threats and incidents. With automatic obstacle detection and classification, they help the locomotive drivers stay ahead, mitigating potential disruptions.

Rail Vision UI

The Challenge

The field of view for locomotive drivers is constrained, allowing them to see only several hundred meters during the day and tens of meters at night. Our platform and system design enhances visibility, enabling them to detect dead zones and perceive beyond the capabilities of the human eye. Moreover, given the multitude of distractions that drivers face during a typical journey, it is imperative to ensure they can focus on crucial visual information.

The Solution

We designed a driver assistance system (DAS) solution to improve locomotive safety by enhancing the visibility of the tracks ahead and alerting drivers of detected obstacles. Through screen transitions and intuitive UI indicators, our solution ensures that vital information is presented prominently on the monitor, enabling drivers to quickly ascertain what they are seeing and how far away it is. This clarity enables them to make timely decisions to halt the train safely.

Rail Vision UIRail Vision UI
Rail Vision IconsRail Vision UI

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