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Client SimpliCity
Type Travel, Leisure
Platform Mobile app


SimpliCity transforms how travelers discover entertainment and leisure experiences in large cities. Starting with New York city which has more than 50,000 different experiences and events, SimpliCity's vision is to gather these experiences from all travel-related platforms and create one app to access all, while personalizing these experiences for each user using a Machine Learning technology.


The Challenge

Discovering New Experiences is Difficult and Time-consuming as there are too many websites and apps, most of them aren't personalized, and there's no social discovery. on the other end, business offers entertainment, leisure, and recreation experiences live or die based on their ability to attract customers daily.

The Solution

We helped shape the SimpliCity app, an app that contains a real-time aggregation of every experience and event there is in New York based on 2,000+ attributes using a friendly user experience to allow the user to pick their interests, and together with SimpliCity's Machine Learning technology, we were able to provide the users with personalized experiences, events, and venues for each user.


"They grasped the complexity of the app and came up with a simple and intuitive design."

"We were very satisfied with Rikover&Co.'s high-quality work. The team addressed changes promptly and was clear, thorough, and open to feedback in their project management. Overall, they took care of the project and stood out for their experience and innovative approach."

Orren P.
Co-Founder & Investor, Simpli.City

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