Shopicks was built for people and professionals who want to experience the easiest and most intuitive way to scout, research, collect, organize, manage and shop for their picks. The product’s vision was to give their users an easy way to create lists of all their shopping items and shop for them when they’re ready, either through a guided online browser extension or an assisted street shopping mobile experience.

The solutions

Our goal was to create the most intuitive and simple experience for the users to create a habit loop that will change and improve the way they do their online shopping curation.
The new branding and visual strategy puts the emphasis on appealing UI, gives the front stage to the shopping items, and by that, the product give a personalised experience to its users.


Client: Shopicks
Services: UX design, Product design, Branding
Type: Chrome extension, Mobile – iOS


Mobile experience

The mobile experience purpose it to take the desktop picks to the streets and turn the mobile device into a smart street shopping assistant by using the user's location, calculating the distance, time and budget to create a map of the most efficient shopping route.


responsive Marketing website

Marketing visual strategy

Header photo by JunkYard7

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