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Rikover specialises in creating a complete experience for interactive products by putting the emphasis on a friendly and innovative human centered design.

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"Very helpful and handy application! I seriously liked this application a lot, because it's very user friendly and instant on the go. It helps a lot to search the diamonds even when you are traveling and without waste of time."
Rapaport user
"This is hands down the best sports app I've ever used.
The app is like a cup of tea or coffee ready to be drunk, it's very explanatory. I couldn't ask for a better app. Easy to use and many more great features."
90Min user
"This is exactly what I have been looking for a long time now. No more managing wish lists on multiple sites, or making inspiration boards on sites that don’t keep good track of where it came from. Super easy to use, super smooth, and easy to share the lists."
ThinkOver user